Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thirty Years, Thirty Artists, Thirty Globes

Thirty artists were invited to transform a recycled globe they were given or to create one of their own. Each globe celebrates one of 1708 Gallery's thirty years of showing new art in Richmond.

The globes are part of a silent auction that began February 20 at 5:30pm and ends on February 28. INTERESTED COLLECTORS DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO BID ON GLOBES OR OTHER ARTWORK PRESENTED IN SAVE PLANET ART. CONTACT 1708 Gallery @ 804.643.1708 FOR A BID NUMBER and to TO PLACE A BID VIA TELEPHONE.

Each globe has a reserve price of between $250. and $500. Gallery staff will give you the bidding status of the globe you are interested in. All bidding must be in 20 dollar increments. Please note: 100 percent of the proceeds of all globe sales will benefit the expenses of installing exhibitions, presenting programs and operating costs of 1708 Gallery. Click on still available on the column to the right to see which globes can still be purchased.

Please click on the names in the column on the right to
see the globe created by the artist listed. To contact the artist or learn more about their work you will find a link to their website if you click on the name underneath each photograph.

You can also scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link
older posts to see globes posted chronologically rather than alphabetically.

Save Planet Art is free and open to the public until February 28 at 5pm.
1708 Gallery

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Globe Project

"Flora's Plan"
acrylic, flashe and mica
on recycled plastic armature

estimated retail value: $800.

Amie Oliver, director of the "The Globe Project," has served on the 1708 Gallery board of directors since 1994.
When she first walked into 1708 it was located at 1708 E. Main. She was immediately
impressed by the quality of the artwork presented and the sense of community
apparent upon entering the space. "It seemed to be a place
that questioned 'what art can be' rather than a place that evolved around commerce."

Back in the late 80's or early 90's she convinced 52 artists to each
create a playing card for a deck that was auctioned off in what was probably the second or third 1708 auction. (She would love to know who
purchased that set of cards!) In the early 90's she convinced local artists as well as artists who had never heard of 1708 to each create a chess pieces for the creation of a unique chess board that was part of the annual auction. In 1999 and 2000 she begged artists across the state to participate in the first artist census in the state of Virginia. More than 800 artists exhibited in the resulting exhibition
"Art Count 2000." She is convinced that 1708 Gallery and the Richmond art community in general, are evidence
of the rich community that results when artists work together.

Tim Bowring
mixed media
estimated retail value: $29.95.

Tim Bowring is the creator and emcee for WRIR's "Zero Hour," weekly conversations about art, culture and society with local artists.
Tim has performed as the emcee for numerous 1708 Auctions and has been a witness to 1708's evolution as the spouse of former 1708 Executive Director, artist board member and current Emeritus Member Sally Bowring. He is well versed in the survival of and directorship of non-profits and is currently the executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Hanover County.

Joe Seiple
chrome, mixed media, recycled plastic globe
estimated retail value: $1,000.

Joe Seiple was a Founding Member and first President of 1708 Gallery in 1978
He is currently an Emeritus Board Member.
His extensive exhibition history at 1708 includes 2003's “25 X25”,
“18621 Days”, a 1999 solo Installation, the “Founders’ Exhibition” in 1998 and numerous invitational group Exhibitions in Richmond, Milan, Italy, New York City, Washington, DC and Norfolk, VA including city wide projects such as “21 Billboards by 21 Artists” in Richmond. During 1995-96 he was appointed by Gov. Douglas Wilder to the Task Force for Promotion of the Arts in Virginia.Joe Seipel is currently Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies atVirginia Commonwealth University.

Kathryn Henry-Choisser

"Summer Night with Fireflies & Moths: for Papa"

acrylic paint, plastic crank, fake grass, Styrofoam, moss, glue

Suggested Retail Price: $550

Kathryn Henry-Choisser joined 1708 in December 1994. "I love the place and the mission and the people, so I'm still here. I've done a bit of everything for the organization. I've cleaned toilets, been the Executive Committee Secretary on and off for 5 years, helped paint a 1708 race car and was on the steering committee for Go Fish and InLight Richmond." Kathryn was the President of 1708 during 2000 - 2001. and "I've been on almost every committee out there." Kathryn's work has been features in "Art Count 2000," the three person exhibion "Three States of Grace" and the city wide public art installation "Go Fish!" Kathryn studied at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI, BA, 1981; University of North Carolina @ Greensboro, MFA; 1987

Chris Chase
acrylic paint, wood and recycled plastic globe
estimated retail value: $500.

Chris Chase served on the 1708 Gallery Board of Directors in the early 1990's. His sculpture was featured in the following 1708 exhibitions "More Than a Perfect World" in 2005 and a solo and group exhibitions in '95, '92 and 1991. He was awarded a graduate fellow of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and a grant from the Pollack-Krasner Foundation grant in the 1990's.